Glue Dabs - Temporary & Permanent Bond
Glue Dabs - Temporary & Permanent Bond

Glue Dabs - Temporary & Permanent Bond

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Does your gluing application call for just a small dab? Then use Glue Dabs! These bite-sized dots are fast, convenient, and easy to apply in a convenient dispenser box. Simply press these double-sided glue dabs onto a clean dry surface for an instant bond. Each glue dab is 3/8" in diameter and about 1/16" thick.

The Glue Dab dispenser provides a perforated cover liner to prevent pre-releasing and ensure dispensing of the correct amount. Excellent for home, craft, or office projects. The non-toxic glue dabs are both acid-free and lignin-free. Each box contains 6000 Glue Dabs.

Use for: Attaching gift cards or credit cards; Sealing folded mailers; securing promotional items to packages; preventing products from shifting in packages; keeping foam packaging in place within a container; temporarily hold small parts for processing; attaching coupons to products or mailers.

Four levels of adhesion are available:

Low Tack
-Temporary bond, easily removes from surface

Medium Tack
-Strong, but removable

High Tack 
-Very Strong - Semi-Permanent

Super Tack
-Very aggressive - Permanent bond to most surfaces

- Made in the USA

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