50T Ball Mill - Heavy Duty Rotary Tumbler:  2-3 week lead time.

50T Ball Mill - Heavy Duty Rotary Tumbler: 2-3 week lead time.

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Our rotary tumblers are designed for hard use, efficiency and long life. These machines are based on the original Highland Park design. Rotary tumblers are ideal for tumble polishing large loads of stone, light deburring, burnishing, peening, cleaning and finishing metal parts.

Our new 25 pound is made of industrial grade polyethylene. This barrel design does not require any liners. Lids are made water tight by inserting a neoprene rubber gasket between the barrel and the lid.

The double pulley drive on the barrel rollers combined with the polyurethane covers on the shafts eliminates barrel slippage. Rollers are mounted on heavy duty bronze bearings. Ball bearing guides keep barrels aligned.

Units for use in the USA come with an industrial rated 1⁄3 HP 115V/60HZ motor, heavy duty cord, in-line switch and Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ALCI) to protect against electrical shock. Units are also available with 1⁄3 HP 220 volt/50HZ motor for use outside the USA. Motor is mounted inside the base.


Overall Dimensions:

28" wide x 13" deep x 22" high

Load Capacity

Barrel Diameter: 12"

Weight: 50 lbs
Volume: 5 Gal

IMPORTANT NOTE: The weight of the rocks and materials varies, so load capacities listed by weight are approximate and for comparison only. A more accurate capacity of the barrel is given by volume. It is important to load your barrel to approximately 3⁄4 full, regardless of material and including fillers, abrasives and water. A load that is more or less than 3⁄4 full WILL NOT produce proper tumbling action.

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